Welcome to Paradise

As someone who was born and raised in South Florida I certainly was jaded by my environment. In my defense so are most children, I think. When it comes to enjoying South Florida I always took it for granted as I didn’t know a life other than the one I was living. I fortunately had the opportunity to travel around in my younger years and was able to see a variety of other types of lifestyles but was never truly able to understand. So after graduating college with my masters in Fashion Merchandising I did what any fashion loving person does. I moved to New York City.

DSC_0436 While in New York I had the opportunity to work with a variety of talented and amazing people. Over the course of five years I lead a pretty exciting life. I was able to experience walking through the hallways of Marie Claire and InStyle magazines. I’ve worked with celebrities, designers, artists, stylists, photographers and everything in between. The big city was everything I had hoped it would be and the bright lights and tall buildings created an endless hum of excitement. Anything is truly possible there.


Over time however I started to miss my home. The place I lived the majority of my life now seemed so much more appealing as I came back to visit during the winter months. As the time passed I started to see Florida with new eyes and was finally able to appreciate it for what it always was. I missed the sun, the beach and the laid back lifestyle that is only found in South Florida. I wanted to live in paradise, not just vacation here! So that’s what I did. I packed up all of my stuff, except for my winter clothes, and drove back down.

I’ve been fortunate enough to find a job down here that is truly a New York job in terms of everything I love; beauty, fashion, media, styling and best of all it’s located in Florida. But what I really want to take advantage of since moving back is everything South Florida has to offer. I want to see, meet, and explore who and what makes this place so unique. So come with me as I check out what it’s like to live in paradise!


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